Guangdong Kang Rong Industrial Co., Ltd.

Constructing a Systematic Learning Enterprise and Creating a Community of Value and Interest

Guangdong Kang Rong Industrial Co., Ltd. is a leading enterprise of Guangdong Kang Rong Group. It is a cosmetics grade soft ampoule throwing, biological freeze-drying, OEM ODM production factory. Located in No. 63 Zhenbei Road, Shenshan Industrial Park, Baiyun District, Guangzhou, the company is a member of Guangdong High-tech Enterprises and Guangdong Cosmetic Quality Association.

The company has a beautiful environment. The whole science and Technology Park covers an area of more than 20,000 square meters and a building area of more than 35,000 square meters. It consists of office building, factory building 1, factory building 2, finished building, dormitory building, corridor and so on. The park has low volume rate, high greening rate, famous trees and shady trees. Central Garden Square, open fragrance hall, rockery, artificial waterfall, international standard tennis court, stone tables, benches and steles in series embellishment, constitute the "factory in the garden, garden in the factory" garden-style production technology park.

The company has strong strength. The Group owns Laviol Skincare Solution, Australia. Its brands include Laviol Organic, an organic certified skin care brand, and Lilly & Milly, a natural goat milk skin care company. Relying on the accumulation of Lilly & Milly Laviol Skincare Solution, Kanrong Industries has grafted raw materials, product design, formulation research and development, effect evaluation and consumer testing into production and manufacturing. It has its own R&D team, product development director engaged in personal skin care product research and development for more than 30 years, and has served as the chief research and development Consultant of famous brand Bodyshop, Boots Drug Makeup in UK. Director of New Product Development of Chain Stores, Director of New Product Development of the Top Three Maintenance Products Factories in Australia; Laboratory area exceeds 400 square meters.

The company has strong production. Kang Rong industrial production covers cosmetics, medical disinfection, sterilization, maternal and infant care, biological freeze-drying technology, extraction and purification of functional components of Chinese herbal medicine and other fields, passed the GMPC/ISO22716 certification. It has the most advanced BFS sterile "three in one" integrated production equipment in the industry, four 10,000-grade production lines of medical operation level, 12 10,000-grade production lines of EU standard, more than 400 sets of advanced equipment such as emulsification, filling, freeze-drying and packaging of industry advanced standards, and two-stage reverse osmosis + EDIPLC + touch screen from source water to purified water to distilled water. A complete set of water treatment system equipment for control and distillation treatment.

Vision of Kang Rong

Constructing a Systematic Learning Enterprise and Creating a Community of Value and Interest

Interpretation: Learning is the ladder of the progress of social civilization; learning is the theme of the enterprise to become bigger and stronger; learning is the premise for the competitive advancement of employees. Through continuous efforts to form a teamwork atmosphere where everyone loves learning and always talks about learning, we have built a "Kangrong Cosmetics College" to enable employees to grow up and mature in their work, create life value in the workplace, and form a community of value and interest after the company goes public. At the same time, it creates common value benefits for customers and their participants.

Enterprise mission

Healthy and Fitness Heart Contains Baichuan

Interpretation: Health is the common pursuit of mankind. Healthy and healthy mind includes the health of appearance, body and psychology. It implies: keeping in mind the mission of "original mind" (creating common value interest body); carrying forward the spirit of "ingenuity" (developing new products that can create life value); and producing "conscience" (making the most vital cosmetics). Hainabaichuan, the key to tolerance is tolerance. The narrow sense of tolerance is appearance, and the broad sense is measurement. Cosmetics industry is born because of its appearance and capacity. Kang Rong Industry is committed to the cosmetics industry, the appearance is the beauty of people, the essence is for people's self-confidence, and even for the strong society, Baichuanhui, Jianghai Current.

team spirit

Innovation, Unity and Efficiency

Interpretation: Innovation is the soul of Kang Rong Industry. In product research and development, innovative formula structure; in market expansion, innovative sales model; in production and processing, innovative management ideas, so that innovation runs through the whole process of business activities. The cornerstone of unity and development. Solidarity of customers, staff and all participants in business activities, starting from the sharing of value and interests, form a community along the way. Persistence is the quality of an enterprise. Do not forget the original mind, ingenuity, conscience, adhere to the development goals, keep going, step by step, the goal can be achieved. Efficiency is the total rigidity of management. If there is no efficiency, there will be no value interest and no value interest community can be formed.

management idea

Interpretation of the most vital cosmetics: Only products with vitality can be competitive. Making cosmetics into viable products can create competitive value for customers and create value benefits for customers. Vitality comes from productivity, cost-effectiveness, professionalism and service.

Service tenet

Satisfy customers

Interpretation: All from the customer's point of view, for the customer's thinking, to solve customer's worries, to help the customer's difficulties, thus forming a customer-centered service purpose.

quality policy

Quality First, Customer First, Continuous Improvement

Interpretation: According to GMPC/ISO22716 standard system and cosmetics production license "105" standard, improve the quality management system; improve the quality management responsibility from raw materials to packaging materials, from R&D to production, from warehousing to logistics, always put customer interests first, and constantly improve, optimize and enhance.


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